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ISS Views on Earth

Planet gazing is made easy with a new NASA website. Click here to visit the International Space Station web page.

Celebrating the Apollo 40th Anniversary

Forty years ago, men from Earth began for the first time to leave our home planet and journey to the moon...

Apollo 11 Descent

It took a national effort send humans to the moon – but it would take the efforts of a few astronauts to give Apollo 11 a safe lunar landing.

Lockheed Makes Waves

A leader in the aerospace industry is coming down to sea level - and riding the wave of alternative energy!

Runaway Stars

A serendipitous sighting by Hubble reveals star behavior gone awry.

Waste-d Energy

Taking out the trash and mowing the lawn are acquiring a higher status – going from “must-do chores” to “alternative-energy sources.”

Astronauts Hall of Fame

Guitars and leather jackets are cool – but it’s the Hall of Fame for Astronauts, not rock and roll, that redefines what it means to be “far out”!

Biofuel Test Flights

The airlines are going green, or at least using green, in test flights that could ‘rev up’ the role of sustainable fuels in the skies.

Protecting Deep-Sea Divers

Technology designed to protect astronauts in space, now has earthlings diving head first into earth's most extreme environments.

Microbes Survive Space

Can life as we know it endure a trip from one world to another?

The Great Moonbuggy Race

The business of aerospace is serious, but once a year, NASA loosens up its spacesuit and goes for a joyride – moonbuggy-style.

How Round is the Sun

Everyone knows that planet Earth is round. The moon is too. But what about the sun? Not so much...


For NASA, gazing at clouds is more than just a way to pass time.

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